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The Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (henceforward: Central Office) is an independent legal entity with national level competence, exercising administrative powers within his tasks and competence in public administrative affairs, a budgetary institution having absolute authority over the estimates.

In the last decade the Central Office as data manager of the most important national basic registers (personal data and address register, road traffic register, travel documents register, criminal register, etc) became an essential organisation of the Hungarian public administration system. The registers managed by the Central Office are run on modern IT systems which constitute the base for essential public administrative services. The Central Office provides data supply in a large volume from its data bases in electronic form for the public administration organs, for the local authorities, for entitled business participants and representatives of the private sector. The public authentic documents kept in the stores of the Central Office have an important role regarding the functions of the legal state.
Furthermore, the Central Office issues several very important security documents (identity card, driving licence, registration certificate, passport, ownership booklet, Hungarian /independent/ ID card, etc).

The Central Office possesses a large and modern info-communication infrastructure to perform its duties. In order to fulfil the provisions of the law the Central Office has established in the last years high service level electronic registers (e.g. Central Offence Register) and it manages continuously nationwide high disposable IT infrastructures (e.g. network of document service centres, Civil Registration Sub-system), which are especially significant for the public administration.

The well educated IT and info-communication experts as well as the high qualified administrative human capacity of the Central Office enable to fulfil the above specified duties; the Central Office has a considerable experience in realisation of outstanding projects (IT background for conducting elections, introduction of high security documents, management of the national central application of the Schengen Information System, etc).

In the frame of realisation of a service providing state and the reform of the public administration the Central Office has introduced a number of client orientated public administrative procedures and services, which concern a large part of the society (among others: Public Administration Services System on Internet /XR/, Data delivering frame system to strengthen the security of legal affairs /JÜB/, electronic application for certificate of no criminal record, electronic notification about the expiry of documents for citizens having an electronic costumer gate access /pro-active service/).

The duties of the Central Office enlarged constantly and dynamically during the last years. Following the conception of the service providing state, the Central Office focuses on the enhancement of the costumer and service oriented attitude, as well as on the quick and authentic information. As a result of the new and most important tasks and objectives the structure has changed as well.

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e-Public Services Information Centre
Phone: + (1) 273-4800
Issuance of Certificate of no criminal record
Phone from Hungary: 1818 (English language menu)
From abroad:
+36 (1) 452-3622
Road Traffic Register
Phone from Hungary: 1818 (English language menu)
From abroad:
+36 (1) 452-3622
Document Service Centre (Front Office)
Phone from Hungary: 1818 (English language menu)
From abroad:
+36 (1) 452-3622
Personal Data and Address Registration
Phone from Hungary: 1818 (English language menu) From abroad:
+36 (1) 452-3622

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