Ownership booklet

Ownership booklet is a document certifying the ownership of the vehicle.


Application for an ownership booklet is open only for those, who certify the vehicle's ownership during its first registration, or in case of registration of the vehicle's ownership change.

Where to apply

Administration procedure related to ownership booklet issuance such as

  • first registration of vehicle
  • registration of change to vehicle's ownership
  • replacement or exchange of the ownership booklet

can be initiated in any Document Office in person or by proxy as well.

The ready ownership booklet can be received according to the applicant's choice:

  • in any of the Document Offices
  • by mail

The ownership booklet can be delivered only to its owner or to proxy authorized to its receipt.

Necessary documents

Before issuing the ownership booklet the documents evidencing the vehicle's ownership are as follows:

  • account on vehicle's commercial sale containing the vehicle's identification data as well
  • in case of used vehicles imported from a third country and previously registered abroad excepting vehicles  temporarily imported for private purposes original or certified documents issued by a foreign authority
  • the auction report
  • the manufacturer's invoice
  • the final court decision
  • the grant of probate
  • document certifying donation
  • the purchase agreement
  • invoice on purchasing vehicle's main parts and construction licence
  • certificate of origin
  • To certify vehicle ownership title the original or its attested copy or if the document is not in Hungarian its attested Hungarian translation must be attached./Attested translation: www.offi.hu

The necessary documents for exchange and replacement of the ownership booklet are as follows:

  • in case of exchange of ownership booklet document confirming data changes
  • in case of replacement due of theft: police report,
  • in case of replacement due to loss or destruction: the owner's recorded statement made in Document Office 

In case of natural persons:

  • appropriate valid personal identity document (ID card, passport, card format driving licence) and address card (official certificate on personal identifier and address of domicile)
  • a proxy (in case of representative procedure)

In case of legal entities, business associations without legal personality:

  • entry of the Court of Registration not older than 3 months or document or certificate of registration issued in form of electronic document by the Company Information and Electronic Company Registration Service or their copies attested by a notary public or a lawyer.
  • a specimen signature with notarial certification or a signature sample countersigned by the lawyer or their notarized copies.
  • the business association official's assignment verifying his/her entitlement to the procedure
  • proxy incorporated in a private or official document providing full evidence (in case of representative procedure)
  • the official's identification document and address card (if any)

Administration fee for issuing the ownership booklet is 6000 HUF.

The exchange of the ownership booklet is free of charge if 

  • the exchange of the ownership booklet is based on the authority's wrong registration
  • the document has a manufacturing defect
  • the head of the Document Office (municipality clerk) grants personal relief on charges on request
  • the Hungarian Victim Support Service issues an official certificate
Procedure time

The ownership booklet must be issued within 30 days from the submission of the application.
In case of an application for replacing ownership booklet the serial number of the lost, stolen and destroyed ownership booklets is published by our Office in the Official Notice annexed to the Hungarian Official Gazette and on www.magyarorszag.hu website as well on the basis/according of the notification of the Document Office.
The ownership booklet can be replaced after the 15th day from the publication of the serial number in the Hungarian Official Gazette and it shall be mailed or received in the Document Office following their manufacturing. /www.magyarkozlony.hu/

Useful information

The ownership booklet cannot be issued if

  • the vehicle had been purchased from subvention by the owner
  • the vehicle is supplied with  a special number plate with "V"
  • the vehicle is supplied with  special number plates with "DT", "CK"
  • the vehicle is supplied with temporary number plates signed with "Z"
  • four-wheeled mopeds are supplied with number plates
  • if the ownership and the legal status of the vehicle have not been credibly certified