Vehicle legal status checking
When to carry out checking of vehicle’s origin

Checking of vehicle’s origin should be carried out  

  • prior to starting up the registration procedure of the imported used vehicle with the purpose of operating in Hungary

Checking of vehicle’s origin should not be carried out

  • in case of four-wheeled mopeds
  • prior to the registration of the imported used vehicle from another EEA-State with the purpose of operating in Hungary, if the applicant has attached the following documents issued by the authority of the country of origin to the application:
    • the registration certificate with non harmonised data content or its copy certified by the issuing authority, or
    • Part I. of the registration certificate with harmonised data content and Part II. if it was issued by the country of origin.
Where to apply?

Checking of vehicle’s origin can be initiated at the traffic administration authority (in the document offices of the district office) and the procedure is realised by entering in the registration.

During the checking of vehicle’s origin the traffic administration authority electronically forwards the data figured in documents specified by the relevant Degree to the Central Office to obtain data required for verification procedure.

During the verification procedure the Central Office clarifies the vehicle’s origin based on data figured in the registries of the foreign authority as well as in foreign and international wanted records and shall take a decision regarding the outcome of it

The Central Office shall inform the traffic administration authority (document offices of the district office) about the decision electronically.

Decision can be taken:  

  • in the document office of the district office (at the traffic administration authority)
  • by mail at the address stated at the time of submitting application
Necessary documents

To check the vehicle’s origin the following documents must be presented:

  • valid document appropriate for personal identification (ID card, passport, card format driving license)      
  • original document proving the ownership of the vehicle or its certified copy; if the document has not been issued in Hungarian language its attested Hungarian translation as well
  • registration certificate or its copy certified by the issuing authority, and its attested translation      
  • a document certifying the entitlement to initiate the procedure  
    • in case of natural persons:
      • authorization (letter)
    • in case of legal entities, business associations without legal personality:
      • a specimen signature with notarial certification or its copy attested by the notary public
      • document verifying his/her entitlement to the procedure

If documents for used vehicles imported from other EEA-States do not meet statutory requirements defined by law and thus the vehicle is subject to origin inspection, the following documents must be presented:

  • a certificate issued by the foreign authority verifying the fact of the vehicle’s registration and
  • the document which shall contain the reason for the absence of the registration certificate

In case of a not registered damaged vehicle the previous identity checking must be carried out prior to the technical intervention, changing the vehicle identification number, and technical examination performed by the transport authority.


The administration fee for checking the vehicle’s origin is 10. 900 HUF.This amount must be paid to the Office account prior to the launch of the procedure by a certified mean.Reimbursement of the paid-in fee - regardless of the outcome of the procedure - is not possible.

Further information
Procedure time

The procedure time is 21 days.

The procedure time excludes the period of that foreign legal aid, in which the inland authority checks the vehicle in the registers of foreign authority as well as in foreign and international wanted records.

Useful information

At the same time with the entering to registration temporary participation of the vehicle in road traffic can be permitted upon request as well, if the applicant submitted the following documents:

  • the Technical Data Sheet issued by the transport authority verifying the vehicle’s technical eligibility and
  • the certification attesting the existence of the third-party liability insurance.
Electronic administration

Checking of vehicle’s origin cannot be applied for electronically.

Information to download

There is no available form to this procedure.