Registration of change to the owner
When to apply

Change to the vehicle ownership must be notified by the previous owner (seller) and by the new owner (buyer) as well in the Document Office.

  • The previous owner can notify the authority within 8 days from the  date of change either by submitting or by mailing the original copy of the private or official document providing full evidence.
  • The new owner can notify the authority in person or by proxy within 15 days from the date of change by submitting the original copy of the private or official document providing full evidence

If the new owner of the vehicle fails to meet his/her obligation to notify the vehicle will be withdrawn from the traffic by the authority.

Where to apply

Change to the vehicle ownership can be notified in any of the Document Offices.

Change to the owner cannot be notified from abroad.

Necessary documents

In order to register the change to the ownership the following documents must be attached:

  • original copy of the private document providing full evidence; if witnesses are also involved in the procedure the legibly defined names of two witnesses, place of their residence (address of domicile) and their signature should be indicated in the document(or official document certifying acquisition of ownership)

The obligatory content elements of the private document providing full evidence are as follows:

    • vehicle identifiers (number plate number, VIN number) and make data 
    • natural identification data of the parties (surname and given name, place and date of birth, mother's surname and given name), serial number of their identification document, their address
    • name of legal entity or business associations without legal personality, data of their representative, address of their registered seat, their registration number
    • determination of unconscionable or onerous (legal) transaction
    • serial number of vehicle documents (registration certificate, ownership booklet), fact and date of transfer of documents
    • the date of change to ownership and at the same time with the date of the change to ownership the data fixed by the mileage recorder (mileage recorder stand)
    • date when the (legal) transaction came into force
    • the parties' statement that they will meet their notification obligation within the prescribed period
    • the parties' statement that they are aware of legal effects relating to their notification to be registered, as well as the legal consequences of the lack of notification and late fulfilment of their notification obligation
  • previously issued vehicle registration certificate
  • previously issued vehicle ownership booklet issued (if any)
  • the Technical Data Sheet confirming the technical eligibility unless it can be stated from the data content of the registration certificate
  • if a new number plate is issued the old number plates and the receipt of payment of the administration fee regarding number plate and validity sticker as well.

In order to register the change to ownership the following documents must be presented:

  • certification instrument about existing third-party liability insurance
  • decision confirming the previous identity checking of the vehicle (which should have taken place less than 60 days before)
  • appropriate valid personal identity document (ID card, passport, card format driving license) address card (if any)
  • receipt of payment of property acquisition duty (cash-transfer order- cheque – is issued in Document Offices and in which the tax identification mark or the tax number must be entered as well

In case of legal entities, business associations without legal personality:

  • entry of the Court of Registration not older than 3 months or document or certificate of registration issued in form of electronic document by the Company Information and Electronic Company Registration Service or their copies attested by a notary public or a lawyer.
  • a specimen signature with notarial certification or a signature sample countersigned by the lawyer or their copies attested by the notary public
  • assignment verifying his/her entitlement to the procedure (i.e. proxy incorporated in a private or official document providing full evidence)
  • the official's identification document and address card (if any)

In case of representative procedure the following documents must be attached:

  • proxy in a private or official document providing full evidence
Registration certificate fee  6000 HUF
Ownership booklet fee  6000 HUF
Fee in case of issuing a new number plate
(a pair of general number plates)
8500 HUF
Validity sticker fee  585 HUF

Rate of onerous property acquisition duty of vehicles and trailers

In case of acquisition of vehicle ownership title the rate of payable duty should be determined by the drive motor power of the registered vehicle indicated in kilowatts and by the age of the vehicle calculated from the date of manufacturing as follows:

Vehicle drive motor power (kW) Vehicle age calculated from date of manufacturing
  0–3 years 4–8 years above 8 years
0–40 550 HUF/kW 450 HUF/kW 300 HUF/kW
41–80 650 HUF/kW 550 HUF/kW 450 HUF/kW
81–120 750 HUF/kW 650 HUF/kW 550 HUF/kW
above 120 850 HUF/kW 750 HUF/kW 650 HUF/kW

If the registered vehicle power is indicated only in horse-power (h.p.) then the power expressed in h.p. must be divided by 1, 36 and according to the general rules of rounding, the result shall be rounded off whole number. If the register does not contain the vehicle power the tax authority having all of the identification data of the concerned vehicle shall turn to the competent transport authority requesting the information on the vehicle power. In this case this information shall be the basis of the duty to be paid after the acquisition of the vehicle ownership title.

If a trailer's maximum authorized mass does not exceed 2500 kilograms the acquisition fee is 9000 HUF, in all other cases 22 000 HUF must be paid.

In case of buses, trucks and tractors having a drive motor greater than 120kW power the rate of the acquire fee must be determined as if the vehicle had a drive motor of 120kw.

In case of acquiring beneficiary ownership title, use and being a holder of vehicles or trailers the 25% of the above defined fees must be paid.

Procedure time

According to the general rule the procedure time for registering the change to the ownership is 30 days, but in case of a complete application the procedure can be administered immediately in the Document Offices. 

Useful information

If the vehicle has a valid traffic restriction the fact of sales notification cannot be entered in the register. The entry of the fact of notification will be refused by the Document Offices.

If the private document does not include the obligatory content elements the fact of ownership change cannot be entered in the register.

The notification of the new owner (vehicle ownership change) is important also because the vehicle tax will be paid for the self-government for the whole year by the one, who is registered as a holder of the vehicle as of 1st of January, in absence of that the one who is registered as an owner.