Information on data disclosure and contact establishment procedures from the Personal Data and Address Register

Referring to your data disclosure request from the personal data and address register we inform you as follows:

The registration organs   shall provide data with conditions and within limitations specified by law in case of evidence of the purpose and legal title of their use.

The citizen’s natural personal identification data (name, address of domicile, place and date of birth, mother’s name, place and date of death) can be supplied to any other citizen, legal entity or entity without legal personality if it is specified by an act or if the applicant proves his/her right or justified interest for using data by a deed; or if the applying legal entity requires them with the purpose of enforcing of its proved rights or meeting its obligations against the citizen.

Even in this case only a maximum amount of information can be provided as is still satisfying the purposes of its use.

When submitting an application

  • the exact purpose of the data use must be communicated (e.g. payment notice, initiation of litigation, issuance of a payment order, initiation of judicial enforcement proceedings, etc.);
  • regarding the legal title of the application a deed is needed to justify the fact or event evidencing the legal relation between the indicated person and the applicant (e.g. contract, court order to disclose data, a copy of property deed justifying the joint ownership, etc.)
  • as identification data name of the indicated person (surname and forename) and in addition some of his/her natural identification data (mother’s birth name or place or date of birth) as well as the last address must be submitted.
  • For individual identification, please provide all the above mentioned identifying information known by you;
  • the application must contain the applicant's (customer) name, address (registered office or branch) and the handwritten / authorized signature;
  • if the application is submitted by a proxy the original power of attorney or its certified copy must be attached as well.

If you cannot justify the purpose and legal title of your data disclosure you can choose between two types of service as follows:

the applicant may require that the district offices or KEKKH find the indicated person and ask for his/her written agreement to make his/her name and address information available to the applicant (contact establishment), or

notify him/her to contact directly the applicant by the given address or phone number if he/she wants to communicate with the applicant (notification, message delivery) .

In addition we inform you that following the data disclosure and contact establishment process an administrative service fee must be paid (the payment can be carried out by check based on an issued invoice and attached to the data disclosure application or by bank transfer as well). The amount of the administrative service fee is from 1 to 5 persons 3500 HUF, in case of more than 5 persons 730 HUF per person.
/ The local governments, the budgetary authorities, a notaries public and independent court bailiffs shall be exempt from payment of administrative services fees /.

The application can be submitted solely in person or by mail to the competent district office of your place of domicile or place of residence or in our Office. It is not possible to submit applications electronically.
Mail address of our Office is:  Közigazgatási és Elektronikus Közszolgáltatások Központi Hivatala - 1450 Budapest, Pf. 81.
The customer service centre of our Office operates in the Central Document Office (address: 1133 Budapest, Visegrádi u. 110-112.). Office hours are: from Monday till Thursday: 8:00-16:00, on Friday: 8:00-14:00.

In case of applications submitted from abroad through the Hungarian foreign missions (embassy or consular office) the administration service fee must be paid as a consular fee at the competent Hungarian foreign mission after filling out the application.

In summary, the application for data disclosure should include the following:

-  the applicant's data (name, address of domicile)

- if the application is submitted by a proxy the  original power of attorney or its certified copy must be attached

- the exact purpose of the data use and the public document (deed) verifying the legal title of the data use

-  name of the indicated person and the natural personal identification data appropriate for identification  (place and date of birth, mother’s name) or the address known by the applicant, and

-  the handwritten/authorized signature

- in the absence of the verified legal title a statement indicating the form of contact establishment chosen by you [please see the above mentioned point a) or b)].