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The Document Offices

  • operate as a part of the district administrative offices of the county government offices as well as a part of the district offices of the capital city government office,  
  • excepting the Central Document Office, which is operated by the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services.

The address card-relating affairs can be administered in any document offices of the district offices competent by the place of domicile or place of residence of the locality.
The affairs relating to

  • ID card
  • passport
  • driving licence application procedure
  • parking card for disabled people
  • application procedure of the vehicle identification documents
  • notification of start up and termination of private entrepreneur activity
  • issuing private entrepreneur licence

can be administered in any Document Offices of the country.
Please note however, that other affairs relating to private entrepreneurship (for example reporting changes in data, notification of suspension) can be administered solely electronically. More detailed information can be obtained on our website under menu Ügyintézés/Egyéni vállalkozás.    

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