Official Certificate of Good Conduct

In respect of the affairs related to the issuance of the Official Certificate of Good Conduct, the Criminal Records Authority is entitled to act with national competence.


Any natural person may submit an application for an Official Certificate of Good Conduct regardless of nationality.

Where to apply

The application for certificate may be submitted  

  • by mail
Additional information on the application completion can be found in the document entitled „Kitöltési útmutató Hatósági erkölcsi Bizonyítvány kérelemhez” (Application completion guide for the Official Certificate of Good Conduct).
  • electronically for customers having Customer Gate login or registration through Web Assistant application and mobile application OkmányApp available at our website
  • in person at the KEKKH Personal Customer Service Centre (1133 Budapest, Visegrádi utca 110–112.) during opening hours
  • from Monday-till Thursday 8:00 – 16:30
    on Friday 8:00 – 14:00

  • from abroad via Hungarian Embassies or Consulates

For procedure of applications submitted at consulates, as well as for services of the consulates (for example authentic translation) a consular fee must be paid. The consular fee varies by the consulates. The completed certificates are forwarded to the consulates by our Office as electronically issued public documents if the legislation of the receiving state allows it. If the legislation of the host country does not allow it, we forward the certificate in paper form to the consulate by diplomatic service through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Receipt of the Certificate is possible:

  • by mail as recorded delivery, - the certificate can be received at the address stated in the application and - in this case the addressee has the exclusive right for the receipt
  • in person; in case of applications submitted personally at the KEKKHPersonal Customer Service Centre
  • certificates applied for abroad can be received in person at the Hungarian Embassies and Consulates.
Necessary documents

The following documents are necessary at the administration:

  • In case the application is submitted by mail the fully completed and signed „Application form for an Official Certificate of Good Conduct"
  • In case of application submitted in person, valid document appropriate for personal identification (identity card, passport, driving license) and address card (official certificate on personal identifier and address of domicile)
  • In case of submitting a free of charge request the detailed rules of the attached document in the public administrative procedure are determined by the Government Decree 180/2005 (IX.9.).

From 1st of January 2016 the proceedings related to the issuance of the Official Certificate of Good Conduct are four times a year free of charge. In case of the procedures launched five or more times the duty payable on administration proceedings of the first instance shall be paid as laid down in the Act XCIII of 1990 on Duties (3 000 HUF).

In case of the procedures launched five or more times the administration fee can be paid

  • in case of paper based application by revenue stamp to be purchased at post offices
  • in case of electronic application by bank transfer or by electronic (online) credit card  through Electronic Payment and Settlement System (EFER)
  • in case of submitting application in person at the Personal Customer Service Centre of the KEKKH by revenue stamp or by credit card.
Detailed information
In respect of data registered in Criminal Records Registry as well as in
general issues:
In respect of applications submitted in person:


Procedure time

The Certificate will be issued within 8 days upon the receipt of the application.

The administration process excludes the mail delivery time as well as the time spent on resolving incidental or possible discrepancies of the provided documents.

In case of submission in person the issued Certificate can be obtained on the day of the submission of the application, but within maximum 5 days.

Useful information

The Certificate is valid for 90 days from the issuance, unless act prescribes otherwise.

The Certificate is issued only in Hungarian. The KEKKH does not provide any authentic translation. 

During the application, only one Certificate will be issued. If the applicant needs further certificates, a new application has to be submitted for each request, and the service fee must be paid at each application.

KEKKH is entitled to provide neither copies nor extracts from the certificate.

In case of the procedures launched five or more times the customer is entitled to submit a free of charge request, if he/she is not or only partly able to meet the total administration costs due to his/her financial conditions.

1. Income certificate:

Pursuant to the Decree in case of submitting application for a free of a charge request the applicant must attach his/her own as well as his/her close relative’s -living in the same household- employer’s income certificate not older than 30 days. 

If the applicant is retired he/she is obliged to attach the last month pension receipt (such a postal cash transfer order which shows the legal title and date of disbursement, as well as the person entitled to pension) instead of or besides the employer’s income certificate. If the pensioner gets his pension via bank transfer the last month bank account statement must be attached.

If the applicant or his/her close relative living in the same household has an income which is not qualified as labour income or retirement income (for example family allowance or child bounty, child maintenance support or other benefits) he/she is obliged to attach postal order, payment account statement, expenditure cash voucher justifying their income and suitable for identification of the legal title and date of disbursement, as well as the entitled person.
If the applicant or his/her close relative is unemployed or is not entitled either to retirement benefit or to other incomes he/she must declare these facts on the application form. Any kind of revenue is considered as income regardless of its regularity and legal title.
In case of registered job searching the Labour Centre certification justifying the fact of job searching and the extent of benefit must be also attached.

2. Property certificate

In addition the applicant is obliged to declare whether he/she has real estate property.  If yes he/she must give the number of real estates owned by him/her and the proportion of proprietorship as well as the estimated market value of the real estates and must give also which real estate is his/her place of resident.

3. The following persons are entitled to get free of charge certificate without income status examination:

  • who is eligible for active-age benefit,
  • who is eligible for old-age allowance, nursing allowance, blind persons’ allowance, disability allowance,
  • who raises a child eligible for regular child protection allowance or eligible for regular child protection allowance by own right,
  • disabled serviceman receiving benefit or persons under state care,
  • homeless people,
  • refugees, asylum-seekers or persons entitled to benefits insured for persons requiring recognition of their refugee, asylum or subsidiary protection status.  

The existence of the life situation status without income condition examination and the benefit payments must be authentically verified.
Account statements as well as other uncertified documents downloaded from the Internet cannot be accepted as certification.

  • in case of submitting application personally documents appropriate for personal identification (ID card, passport, driving licence) are necessary
Electronic administration

The Official Certificate of Good Conduct can be arranged electronically through the Web Assistant application as well as the mobile application OkmányApp.