Welcome to the website of the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services

As data managing and data-processing authority of the central and authentic national registries – including among others Personal Data and Address Register; Road Traffic Register; Criminal Register - our Office is considered as an integral organisation of the Hungarian public administration.

According to the Zoltan Magyary Programme for Public Administration Modernisation tasks of our Office include expanding the scope of e-government services and improving their quality as well. Key objectives of our Office are to strengthen customer-centricity, to provide quick and reliable information as well as high quality legislation compliant customer services and also the related safe and accurate data management.

Through our country-wide IT network we provide services and support inter alia for the successful conduct of elections, for operation of Document Offices, for registrars’ activities and for the work of the Integrated Government Customer Service Centres as well.

Iván Vetési

25 March 2014
The “Post Office Agora Project” had been successfully completed at about 40 post offices, where from 1 April 2014 customer gate registration can be performed as well.
20 March 2014
The Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services hosted a professional day for registrars. 1 July 2014 will bring significant changes in the civil register system, because the former hardcopy-based registers will be replaced by a modern, fully electronic system in the future.
06 Február 2014
One of the main tasks of public administration is to develop customer-centric operation with regard for needs/demands and interests of citizens as well as to create uniformly high-standard and generally accessible public services. In accordance with this objective, the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (KEKKH) and the National Info communication Services Co. Ltd. (NISZ) has launched another joint development within the framework of the project "Development of interoperable IT infrastructure of integrated customer services".
06 Február 2014
"EReg Topic Group I meeting on International Data Exchange took place in Budapest, organized by the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services.
18 November 2013
"Change in attitude and approach in our Office's life is impressive only if it is not self-centric, but need arises from the interests of the society" – said Iván Vetési President of KEKKH.
05 September 2013
ajor task of the renewing public administration is to increase its efficiency, to improve the quality of e-government services, to facilitate and make the officials’ activity more effective. Implementation of these goals is supported by the project titled \"Development of KEKKH IT infrastructure\". In the framework of this development the hardware and software procurements increase the efficiency of administrative work by a cost-effective and sustainable way.
27 May 2013
Has your document been processed, issued, transferred, completed or even rejected? Would you like to know the status of the document you applied for? Clicking on the icon "Follow-up the required documents" on the website of KEKKH /www.kekkh.gov.hu/ you can monitor the current status of an ID card, a passport and a driving licence free of charge. You can obtain information on the status of your document quickly, easily and conveniently without personal appearance and making any phone call.
22 May 2013
The scope of affairs, which can be arranged via Internet without personal appearance, keeps expanding continually due to the improvements realized by the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (KEKKH). In addition to the application for Official Certificate of Good Conduct replacement of the ID card can be arranged within a shorter time and via Internet as well.
08 May 2013
According to the relevant Bill an authentic register will be established, which will result in faster and more convenient administration.
12 April 2013
On 9 April 2013 in the Member States of Schengen Area – including Hungary - second generation Schengen Information System (SIS II) has entered into operation. The European Union Agency (eu-LISA) in Strasbourg will take over responsibility for the day-to-day running of the central system and the operation of Schengen States’ national systems will be carried out by member states themselves. In Hungary, the task will be coordinated by the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (KEK KH) as N.SIS Office.
07 February 2013
According to the new rules new type of driving licences have been issued in Hungary as well. The age limit of certain driving licence categories will be increased as well. The age limit for category "C" (lorries) will be 21 years instead of current 18 years of age, in case of category "D" (buses, minibuses with light trailers) 24 years of age instead of 21 year. The unlimited category "A" can be obtained from 24 years of age instead of 21 years. If the driver has at least 2 years-old licence for driving "A2" sub-category she/he can obtain the licence for category "A" from the age of 21 year.
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